Essential Features for a Government to Establish an Open Data Capability

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Product Features

OGPL’s initial release will contain the essential features for a government to establish an open data capability. It is expected, using open source methodologies,  that the global developer community will continue to expand and evolve the initial release to bring in improvements and new functionality. Initially, OGPL will provide governments the ability to:.

OGPL product has following 4 (four) main components:

OGPL Web site

Module for Governments and their agencies to publish datasets, documents, services, tools and applications collected by them for public use.

Data Management System

Module for user management of various agencies who can upload datasets which will be available on the front end website.

Content Management System

Module for managing and updating various functionalities of the OGPL frontend.

Visitor Relationship Management

Module for collating and disseminating viewer feedback on various datasets.

Open Government Platform (OGPL)